Tips For Creating a Military Shadowbox

A military shadowbox is a presentation case filled with medals and other mementos of a soldier’s career. Learn how to make one from Morgan House Woodprojects.

Prepping objects to place inside a military shadowbox, like for US Air Force shadowboxes, is very important. They will be the focus of the piece.

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Snip off any holders, pins, or clasps of ribbons, medals, patches, or pips, flags, or insignia. This helps the items lay flat against the backboard. Remove the long chain on dog tags or ball the chain up to save space. The small chain can be kept on if there is room.

Make sure the items are clean. Wear gloves to keep the items clean as you handle them. Take time to rearrange the items on the backboard to make a pleasing pattern. Do not tape or glue the backs of the items before figuring out where everything goes. If you decide on making rows, get a ruler to make sure the tops of the items will be in a pleasingly straight line. Gently place the shadowbox top on to be sure no items are hidden by the frame.

When everything has been arranged in a pleasing pattern, glue the backs of the items and secure them on the backboard. Place the cover on and fasten it. Clean the glass and frame.

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