The Benefits of Emergency Generators

Sometimes the power goes out and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you live in a windy or stormy area, you may lose power even more frequently. Luckily, there are emergency generators that can power your home even when the power is out. Keep reading to learn about the two main different types of emergency generators and the benefits they offer.

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The first type of emergency generator is gasoline-powered. With this type of emergency generator, you can use an extension cord to run minimal things like the refrigerator or microwave.

The second type of emergency generator is natural gas or liquid propane-powered and is permanently installed. This emergency generator switches to generator power automatically when the power goes on, and when the power is restored it switches back. These generators are wind storm rated up to 100 mph since they are outdoors permanently.

Which type of generator you choose depends on what your needs are, but either way, you can continue to do the things you need to at home when the power is out. This includes things like cooking, running the air conditioning, keeping the refrigerator cold, running a sump pump, or even keeping your security system live.

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