Six of the Coolest New Smart Home Tech

If you’re looking at homes for sale, you’re probably interested in some of the new smart technology that is changing the way we live. New homes are now being outfitted with a dizzying array of breathtaking technologies. If you’re looking for a new home, why not keep some of these amazing inventions in mind?

Robot Lawnmowers

Move over robotic vacuum cleaners: there’s a new kid in town. The robotic lawnmower is like a Roomba for your yard. Owning one of these means that you’ll never sweat through yard-work again: unless you want to. These mowers use a battery powered motor and a perimeter wire to keep within your property boundary, cutting your grass to just the length that you want. When it’s finished, the device returns to its home base to recharge. The cheapest options can last 30 minutes on one charge, while more expensive versions can go for two hours. Some of them can even seek out areas of the law that tend to grow faster than others and help you keep those under control.

Smart Faucets

If you thought these smart faucets were just for restaurant and office restrooms, you haven’t been paying attention. You can get one in your new house now, and there’s a lot of reasons that you might want one. They’re being put into homes for sale more and more often now that it has been shown the average family could save around 15,000 gallons of water per year, per smart faucet. It’s also more hygienic than traditional faucets as there’s no need to touch it. In families with small children frequently sharing germs, this could be a real benefit.

Wireless Door Sensors And Alarms

There are a number of different devices of this type on the market. Most of them a link to your smart phone so that you can talk to someone at your front door from anywhere: even the other side of the world. It’s a very cost-effective security system that will send you a text message or an email whenever there’s any activity at your home. Some of the devices will even allow you to verify that all the doors had been locked when you get that nagging feeling half an hour after you arrive at work.

Shower Meters

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly where your water is going: well, now there’s a device for that. Shower meters can help you save, on average, 8500 L of water and 440 kW of energy every year. The meter is charged by the flow of water itself and displays information in real time. You can see exactly what the temperature of your water is, how much water is being used, and what the general ambient temperature around you might be.

Smart Temperature Control

One of the hottest new technologies in modern homes for sale are smart gadgets that allow you to control your climate in exciting new ways. Even the programmable thermostat is beginning to look old-fashioned in the light of new technologies. The newest tech on the market is even capable of tracking the people in the house and adjusting the rooms as you move in and out of them. There’s not a whole lot of this yet, but it’s definitely coming. If you’re looking at new homes for sale and want to maximize your comfort while minimizing your energy expenditure, this is something to ask about.

Smart Maintenance

The newest gadgets of the future use subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies to monitor your home and establish a baseline of normal activity and sound. Why would you want something to do that? These devices can “see” things that you cannot long before they become a serious issue. For example, they can detect the sound of termites in the walls almost as soon as the little critters arrive. They can hear slow leaks happening where you otherwise wouldn’t notice it until the mold started growing.

New home builders are incorporating ever-more amazing technology into the newest homes for sale. Why not see what’s available where you live and start living the future, today?

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