Simplify the Moving Process With Local Residential Movers

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There are quite a few reasons why people choose to move. For some, it may be to live closer to family and friends, while for others it may be to attend college or begin a new job. Even though homeowners may move less often than renters, it’s not unusual for them to purchase a second or subsequent home. Then there are the people that move in search of a place that feels like home.

Moving Patterns in the United States

A recent survey showed that 57% of adults haven’t lived outside the state where they currently reside. Others, however, tend to move across state lines more often. This applies to 15% of American adults that have lived in four or even more states. At least once in their lives, 63% of adults have moved to a new community, while another 37% have never moved away.

Reasons for Staying Close to Home

One of the reasons why many Americans don’t leave their hometowns is because they have extended family members close by. When Americans have a large number of relatives within an hour’s drive, they are less likely to move away. Even though they may live in different neighborhoods, this proves to be a relatively short time and distance to travel.

Moving Away for College or to Being a New Career

When it’s time for college, many young adults are likely to move so they can attend the institution of their choice. After graduating from college, 77% stated that they moved to a new community at least once. When compared with adults that have a high school diploma or less education, 56% hadn’t moved to a new community. It’s been shown that college graduates are also more inclined to move. Whether this is for graduate school or to begin a new career, these individuals are likely to live in several different states over the course of their lives.

Searching for a Place That Feels Like Home

When people don’t feel as if they’re living in an area that feels like home, they are more likely to search for a community that inspires this feeling. For adults that were born in the United States, 23% stated that they weren’t living in a place that felt like home. Given the participants that lived in two or more different communities, 38% stated that they still weren’t living in their “heart home.”

Make Moving Easier With a Local Residential Moving Service

Are you planning to move closer to your college campus? Or perhaps you’d like to live near your family and friends? Then there’s the possibility that you, too, are in search of a community that feels more like home to you. Whatever your motivation for moving, it can be a challenging process. This is where hiring local residential movers can make it easier and more convenient.

Since it’s important to hire the best residential moving services, you want to make sure that they are both licensed and insured. If you have an upright piano, for example, it’s important to hire residential movers that know how to safely transport your instrument. Furthermore, since there’s a good chance that you have a busy schedule, residential movers can also supply packing materials and help you with packing up your belongings.

Whether you’re just starting out on your own or are in the process of updating your home’s decor, you may be interested in purchasing some new pieces of furniture. Your residential movers can pick up these items from local stores and conveniently deliver them to your house or apartment. This can make decorating or redecorating that much easier for you.

When you’re preparing to move, there are quite a few to-do items on your list. After finding a new house or apartment, one of the more important items on this list is to submit a change of address card to the postal service. This should be taken care of at least 14 days before you move so that your mail and packages reach your new address. It’s also a good idea to schedule your move with as much advance notice as possible so you’re prepared in time.

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