Should You Choose Christian Education?

If you are Christian parents, then you are probably worried about your local public school system. Real Life Christian Academy lists the advantages of Christian education.

Teachers in Christian schools are not in any teachers’ unions. This means they can never go on strike.

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Your child will not lose out on valuable schooling time because of a strike. All teachers in private schools, whether they are Christian or not, get paid less than public school teachers. This means the savings are passed on to you. Teachers stay at Christian schools not because of the pay, but because they believe what they are doing is God’s work.

Christian schools are also allowed to discipline misbehaving children more than in public schools. This reduces disruptions and increases your child’s safety. This also helps teach children to be more polite in public, which is a valuable life lesson that will help them get and keep a job.

Most importantly, Christian education teaches your child how to live a Christ-centered life every day of the week and not just on Sundays. Public schools frown on things like prayer. This can make children hate Christianity. A Christian education gives children the support they need to still be Christians in an unchristian world.

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