Roofing Repairs 101 What Needs to Be Done

Many homeowners adopt the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy regarding their property’s roof. It is a grave mistake since it is your home’s main line of protection, and any malfunctions with the roof will eventually affect the rest of the house. Therefore, knowing the roofing repairs and services you require is vital to maintain it in perfect condition.

Before beginning any roof work, the roofer will inspect your roof and adjacent areas.

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After assessing the damage, they will send the results to the homeowner, indicating the specific sections that require replacement or repair. Depending on the issue, the contractor will employ a different strategy. For instance, worn-out sealant will be tarred or caulked; broken vent boots will be removed, and deteriorated flashing will be replaced with new ones.

The process gets more complicated if your roof has a hole in it or if water has destroyed the roof decking. To fix the punctures, they may need to reframe the area, add a new layer of underlayment, sheathing, and shingles, and ensure no gaps are left. For a collapsed roof decking, the roofer will eliminate the damaged part, remove the shingles and underlayment, and replace everything on top.

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