Planning Your RetirementAre Senior Living Communities For You?

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Senior care is an issue that is very much in the forefront of many topics of discussion these days. Senior living communities have become much more inviting and pleasant to live in over the course of time. With the average retirement age now being 63, many people are still very active and find that their lives take a good turn upon retiring. As many as 48% report that they are happier since retiring than they expected to be.

People retire for a variety of reasons. Many are forced to retire because of their health and others leave their jobs by choice, making the decision that it is time to move on to retirement. However, whether a person retires for medical reasons or by choice, there are options that will enable them to continue to enjoy their lives. Retirees will often have to, or want to, leave the home that they have lived in for all or many of their working and child rearing years because, now that the children are grown and gone, the need for a larger home no longer exists. For this reason, and others, researching the many adult communities out there is a good option.

There are some key benefits for people who choose to move to senior living communities. Adult communities are usually open to people anywhere from ages 55 and older to 65 and older. These communities offer unlimited opportunities for social interaction during a time of life when many different events can occur that could easily cause isolation or loneliness. Most of these communities will offer activities such as movie nights, yoga lessons, and other social events that will encourage seniors to continue being active. In addition, senior living communities offer their residents the opportunity of no longer having to be responsible for lawn and yard maintenance, home repairs, and other situations that they may have been duty-bound to for many years, especially if they were home owners.

Residents living in assisted living facilities who may have previously been alone in their home or apartment often came from a situation where they were not able to eat properly. Senior living communities typically offer nutritious meals in a social atmosphere. The residents can enjoy three meals every day, planned and prepared by experienced professionals. Retirement communities are well planned and well maintained. Of people who live in independent living facilities, 84.5% say that they would recommend their residence to other people.

As people move toward their senior years, often they need to face the choice of whether they can live in senior living communities or in a place that offers a little more assistance, perhaps as a result of health problems or a disability. The fact is that an assisted living community will offer many of the same benefits as an independent senior living community; however, assisted living goes further to provide 24 hour trained staff, usually trained in basic medical procedures. There are doctors and nurses available at all times, which adds to the peace of mind of the resident as well as the resident’s family. Assisted living gives the individual the opportunity to continue living on his or her own while maintaining a level of independence. However, staff is available to assist with keeping medication schedules, making doctor’s appointments, even helping with daily tasks.

Independent living facilities are often available to seniors who typically prefer to live in a place where there is more opportunity for socialization than they have living in their own home. It also works very well for those seniors who do not have the means to buy or rent their own home. An independent living facility can be any type of living arrangement ranging from an apartment or cottage to a complete retirement home. The residents have complete independence to care for their own home or apartment, even to cook and have their friends visit. Often these facilities will organize day trips and a variety of different activities. Sometimes the facility will offer its own transportation for their residents to various local venues, doctor’s appointments, and shopping.

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