Log Splitting For Beginners

This YouTube video by Eastonmade Wood Splitters discusses heavy duty log splitters for beginners.

Why do I Need a Log Splitter? One reason why you need a mechanical log splitter is you’re tired of doing it yourself. The constant stress on your body and equipment doesn’t equal a positive return on investment.

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You might also need one if you’re about to increase the volume of wood you cut.

How do I Determine the Log Splitter? First, estimate how much wood you need to cut. If it will take place in a short period, then you might want to look at a less expensive heavy duty log splitter.

The other variable is the type of wood you need to cut. Is it a hardwood like oak, or a soft variety like pine? Since the power of a log splitter is measured in tonnage, you need a stronger one to handle denser wood species.

If you’re still unsure, then look at renting a log splitter. This video should allow you to examine its features and determine if a purchase is right for you.

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