How to Paint a Reading Room

Are you thinking of making a reading room, library, or study in your home. They are great places to relax and read a good book. Plus, a dedicated reading room gives you a place to store and organize all those old books that you have. These rooms generally have soft tones. Many are full of rustic decorations and colors.

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What color should you paint a reading room? It really all depends on the style that you are going for. You could always consult a professional painter about their paint options. Popular choices are browns, greys, and darker reds. In this video, you will learn about how to paint such a room.

When painting a room, start from the bottom of the wall. Then slowly roll the paint roller along the wall at a slight angle. You will be working upwards as more area gets painted. Don’t worry if you miss an area. You can go back over any missed spots as long as the paint in that area has not yet dried. Otherwise, going back over that area will leave ugly roller marks.


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