How Old Is the Golf Cart That You Are Using?

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What started as a trip to visit his granddaughter on her college campus turned into a meandering trip down south to visit as many golf cart dealers as he could find.
It turned out to be pretty convenient that the drive from Omaha, Nebraska, to Shreveport, Louisiana, provided several used and new golf cart dealers. From all that he had read on the advertising flyers he collected when he traveled, he thought the golf carts in Florida would provide the best inventory selection. As it turned out, however, when he returned from the campus visit to see his granddaughter he was hauling home what he considered as one of the best refurbished golf carts he came across in his 24 hours of travel.
Golf Cart Dealers Sell Their Products to a Variety of Customers for a Variety of Purposes
What was once a cart that was solely used on golf courses around the country, the golf cart and other utility vehicles are being used in many more settings today. Commonly used for their ease of parking, energy efficiency, and convenience, golf carts are an important part of many types of communities and settings around the country.

  • Athletic practices and events.
  • Delivering water to athletes or transporting injured players off the field are two of the ways that golf carts are commonly used on high school and college athletic fields. From soccer to football, the fact that golf cart dealers sell models that can carry from two to 10 passengers makes this a popular purchase. And while the fans and spectators may see these carts only a few times during an actual game, golf carts are also frequently used to manage practices and conditioning sessions.

  • Outdoor state fairs and farm implement shows. With an average capacity of 370 pounds, depending on the model, it should come as no surprise that golf carts are a common sight at outdoor events like state and county fairs, as well as farm implement and tractor shows. The fact that some of these events no longer let visitors bring in their own carts, but instead offer them for rent, is an indication of just how popular this convenient form of transportation has become.
  • College campuses. Campus recruiting offices and campus security offices, as well as campus maintenance staffs, are just a few of the ways that college campuses across America make use of golf carts. The decision to purchase a customized golf cart in the specific colors of the college, for instance, is a great way to make a first impression on visiting families when they come to the school for a rainy day visit.
  • Farms and ranches. The fact that golf cart batteries can be charged overnight and require no gasoline is one of the reasons that golf carts are popular modes of transportations on the farms and ranches of America. In fact, the use of a golf cart or other utility vehicle is less expensive and more convenient than driving a gas powered truck when checking fences, monitoring feed supplies, and fixing irrigation
  • Retirement communities With top speeds of 15 to 25 miles an hour, the golf cart has replaced traditional vehicles in many retirement communities around the U.S. the fact that a golf cart can make an easy transition from a round of golf to lunch to an evening drive to a friend’s for a cookout means that the golf cart has grown increasingly popular in locations where parking is sometimes limited.
  • Large band competitions and other events. One of the largest high school marching band competitions in the midwest uses golf carts to help shuttle fans from their parking spot to the stadium. Finding a motorized way to make guests feel more welcome is just one of the many compliments that the organizers of the Golden Regimen Marching Competition, which is in its 35th year of operation. Helping to ease the stress of a very busy event that can find fans parking more than a mile away, the golf cart option is convenient and helpful for the people who run the event as well.

Both individuals and large group events look to the golf cart as an option for providing safe, affordable, and convenient transportation.

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