How Expensive Is Surrogacy?

Just how expensive is surrogacy? Surrogacy costs can vary widely depending on the country and even within a given country. For better or worse, the United States is one of the most expensive places to undertake surrogacy, costing on average $150,000 to go through an agency program. You may be able to find cheaper programs, but they will still typically cost $95,000 or more for gestational surrogacy.

Within the United States, there are some regional price differences. The West Coast, including California, Washington, and Oregon, tends to be the most expensive, costing $150,000 or more.

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You’ll see similar prices in the Northeast, including New York and Massachusetts. If you head to the middle of the country, say to Oklahoma, you might be able to save a substantial amount, with prices often starting at $100,000.

The costs above don’t include paying for an egg donor. With gestational surrogacy, an egg is taken from a donor (often the mother) and is fertilized with donated sperm (often from the father), then planted in a surrogate mother. As a result, the child is not related to the surrogate mother.

Another option is traditional surrogacy. With this type of surrogacy, donated sperm is used to impregnate the surrogate mother’s own egg. In these cases, the child will be related to the surrogate mother. Traditional surrogacy is often more affordable but is still rather expensive.


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