How Can Counseling Services Help Your Family?

Family and group therapy

The Children Faith Formation Pastor gives some pretty strong advice to confirmation students entering middle school. She explains to these sixth and seventh graders that they will do well in life if they can find seven strong mentors in their lives. She goes on to explain that the Bible and their faith will provide strong guidance, but that she also recommends that every child begin growing their communication network with their seven adults. Although many teenagers will turn to their parents when they need guidance, having a list of other adults who they can have conversations with can be helpful. Here is the list of supporters your daughter created by the time she was 16:

  • youth pastor
  • head gymnastics coach
  • assistant gymnastics coach
  • neighbor who has three older three daughters
  • mother of the two young children she babysits
  • aunt who lives in town

Even with a strong faith, a weekly connection to church, and communications with parents and and other mentors, growing up can be difficult. It can also be challenging for an entire family. Families that struggle to find ways to survive some of the most difficult to handle situations often consider scheduling counseling services for extra support. Family therapy, in fact, can be a beneficial opportunity to help families deal with changing dynamics.
Finding Ways to Connect with Teens Who Would Rather Argue Than Listen
Perhaps it is the fact that parent have been taught to raise confident children, but for some reason many children consider arguing their main form of communication once they become teenagers. Some how the experts on everything from your driving to the rules that other families do not have for their children, the arguing can become exhausting. Before parents lose patience and create a situation with even more tension, many turn to trained counseling services to keep communication lines open.
Follow up research indicates that family therapy sessions are helpful. In fact, 93% of patients working with a marriage or family therapist, indicate that they have more effective tools for dealing with their problems, including communication issues Additionally, many in this group also reported improved physical health, as well as mental health. These improvements increased the ability to function better at work and at school after attending therapy.
Without Help, Small Issues Can Become Big Problems
Whether you find yourself looking for family and group therapy, individual counseling, or marriage counseling, getting assistance early rather than late can be very beneficial. Left to fester, small issues can lead to anger, frustration, and, at times, depression.
Without an avenue for discussion, greater issues, like depression, can develop. Unfortunately, 50% of Americans who suffer from major depression do not seek treatment for their mental illness. Consider these additional statistics:

  • Depression costs Americans an estimated $80 billion in lost productivity and health care.
  • 16 million American adults indicate that they have had at least one major depression episode since 2012. These 16 million represent nearly 7% of the population.
  • Women are 70% more likely to experience depression in their lifetime than men.
  • 350 million people in the the world are affected by depression in some form.
  • 11% of adolescents develop a depressive disorder by the time they are 18.

In almost all of these situations, counseling services can be of help. Counseling services, in fact, specialize in many issues that can be minimized before depression becomes a bigger concern. Family counselors can help parents and children find common ground. Marriage counselors can help couples prioritize their goals and look for ways to save their marriage.
Do You Know When to Ask for Help?
The youngest teenagers may be able to solve their problems by talking to their parents or other adult mentors. As teenagers get older and their problems get bigger, however, some families find that they need to make use of other resources. When troubles get to the point that they are beyond the scope of your family’s resources, consider family counseling services.
While some couples have small marriage problems that they may be able to solve themselves, other couples enter dangerous territory without realizing that they need to consult professional counseling services.
Not knowing when to ask for help can turn the beginning of the smallest situations into bigger problems that can lead to depression or end marriages. Get help when you need it.

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