Helpful Tips for Apartment Hunters

How to find an apartment

Whether you’re moving for work or for school, apartment hunting can be both exhilarating and terrifying. But in all the excitement, it can help to keep your mind focused on a few key points to help you in your search. Here are three tips for apartment hunting to help you find that flat of your dreams.

Leave Room at the Top of Your Budget. Look at your finances, figure out the maximum amount of money you’re able to spend on rent each month, subtract two hundred dollars from that amount, and use that as your starting number. If you find a great place at that price, then you’ve got extra money each month. And if you like the one bedroom apartments a certain building has to offer but feel a two bedroom might also work well, you can use the extra wiggle-room in your budget to allow the manager to “up-sell” you on a larger place.

Know Where You Need to Go. Always begin by looking for apartments within walking distance of wherever you need to be for work or school. If you don’t find anyplace you like or can afford, expand your search out to apartments with easy access to useful cross-town roads or major thoroughfares. If you still aren’t having any luck, look for someplace with good access to public transportation. One of the biggest advantages of apartment living in a city is the huge amount of location options. Be diligent, and you’ll find a place that works.

Find a Place That Suits Your Lifestyle. Along with the proximity to work or school, your dream apartment should be close to the things you enjoy in your off-hours as well. Check the area for shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores, and movie theaters. Because let’s be honest: the ability to walk home from a bar is a huge perk. Depending on your lifestyle, a longer commute to work could be a fair trade-off for ease of entertainment options.

Don’t forget to utilize all your resources. If you have friends in the area, ask them for any helpful tips for apartment hunting, such as traffic patterns you might not expect, which places to avoid, and even whether or not there’s an available spot in their building. And happy hunting!

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