Give Your Children the Ultimate Step Up by Starting a Family Reading Night

Family reading program

Parents are the most important teachers a child will have. They will begin learning from you and your example as soon as they are born. One of the best gifts you can give a child is the gift of literacy, so why not make it fun with a family reading night?

Many schools have a district wide family reading program that you and your kids can join. This will help you and other parents connect, as well as give you great strategies for making reading fun. You can alternate with the other parents on hosting reading nights together, or just conference once in a while to share ideas. The teachers will love the parent involvement, and probably give you plenty of supplies.

Whether you are working as part of a school program or just promoting literacy in your home, there are plenty of ways to make family reading night activities new and exciting for every child. You can introduce them to biographies, create themed meals based on the book you are reading, put on a play depicting the characters in the story, or make crafts associated with the current book.

If you are struggling with family reading night ideas, there are plenty of resources out there. Some of the easiest ways to spice up family reading night are to subscribe to family reading program magazines, ask the teachers at school, or ask your local librarian. Making reading activities a competition is a no fail way to hook kids. There are plenty of ways to create incentives for participation and completion of a family reading night activity.

No matter how you structure your family reading night, it is sure to give your children a step up. Parents that take an active role in the education of their kids, will have less problems with their kids in school, in sports, in life in general. Literacy is a priceless gift you can give your child, and it can be done with tons of fun for the whole family. Do a little research on family reading night, and cut out just a little time at night to have some fun with those growing minds.

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