Five Unique Craft Storage Tips

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Any craft enthusiast understands the problem with craft storage. As you take on new crafting hobbies, you also take on increased supplies. Eventually, you run out of places to store these items. You can shove them in boxes, but then you can?t find what you need, when you need it. These tips will help you finally organize that large supply of crafting materials.

Go through your crafting supplies frequently

After many years of crafting, you can end up with more supplies than you need. You will find that many of the items you have, you might never use again. Before you throw your crafting supplies into storage, consider your chances of using it again. Also, every couple of months, make it a point to go through items that are already stored and make the same considerations. This will free up valuable storage space and will make it easier to find the items that you do actually use frequently.

Create a craft room designed for storage

If you are short on storage, you will find it difficult to organize your crafting supplies. If you create sufficient storage spaces, you will find that it is easier to organize your items. If you have a craft room, utilize unused spaces to add additional storage space. Find unique craft furniture ideas that allow you to store items below furniture like desks and tables. The best craft organizers have sufficient space, while also making it easy to access your needed items.

Purchase craft storage based on the items you have

It doesn?t make sense to purchase a corner organizer for a large sewing machine. It also doesn?t make sense to use a 4 drawer organizer for a larger circuit machine. Consider first which items need to be stored and then purchase storage items after. You can even create unique craft furniture ideas that are specifically made for storage of unique shaped items. The best craft storage are items that fit well and give you optimal access.

Leave yourself plenty of room for crafting

You don?t want to focus so much on craft furniture ideas and storage that you lose valuable crafting space. Before creating a craft room with storage in mind, decide how much space you need to comfortably complete your crafts. This is especially necessary if your crafting is used as a business, which many are. When Etsy surveyed 5,500 of its U.S. sellers, it found that 97% worked from home and 74% considered their shops to be businesses, not hobbies. In order to make the most profitability and enhance production, you need a space that is big enough for your craft.

Utilize alternative structures

You do not necessarily have to go out and purchase all new crafting storage items. These can be expensive and sometimes, you can turn alternative storage items into the perfect craft storage item. Craft furniture ideas are just one example. Turn your desk into a paper storage area. Purchase a lot of small plastic bins to hold smaller items like paints and needles. You can also order used bookcases online to hold crafting books, larger machines, or canvases. When you consider alternative crafting storage, you can spend more of your funds on additional craft supplies.

Research from the Association for Creative Industries shows that crafting is becoming more popular. In 2010, only 56% of households participated in crafting. As of 2017, 63% of American households enjoyed craft time. Many of these people are turning their crafting hobbies into a profitable business. Yet, many struggle with finding sufficient storage for their many crafting items. The typical American home already has over 300,000 items. These tips will help you better organize your crafting supplies and maximize overall craft efficiency.

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