Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sheets for Your Kids

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In the span of a year, you’ll spend almost 3,000 hours on your mattress. Your kids may spend even more than that, especially considering that the recommended amount of sleep for any child of school age is up to 11 hours every night. So if your child is going to be spending that much time in their bed, shouldn’t it be a comfortable one?

Shopping for sheets can be difficult, and even more so when you need to shop for your kids. These five tips could help you make the right sheet choice to give your child a comfortable and restful night of sleep.

Organic bedding

Organic bedding is created with fibers that haven’t been treated with excessive chemicals or pesticides, either in the growing process or in the manufacturing process. In addition, organic kids pillowcases can be beneficial to more sensitive skin.

Flame resistance

Some bedding may be treated with various dyes and chemicals that can help prevent it from burning in the event of a fire. However, with the benefits of fire retardants come downfalls. The chemicals and dyes used can often be harmful to a child’s skin. It’s for this exact reason that you should look for natural fire retardants like wool when shopping for kids fitted sheets and pillowcases.

Easy maintenance

Most parents prefer to purchase materials that are easy to clean, and for good reason! Kids get messy, and unfortunately, so does their bedding. Organic materials are generally easy to clean and maintain, and they can last for a long time if properly taken care of.

The softer, the better

Children have sensitive skin, especially those who aren’t yet of school age. Finding a soft fitted crib sheet can often be a challenge, but most organic sheets are softer than synthetic material.

Thread count

Sheets with a low thread count can often feel rough to the skin, and can even irritate it. If you’re looking for protective pillow cases, you should make sure they have a high thread count, especially because they’ll be in contact with your child’s face.

Sheet shopping for yourself is hard enough, but these tips should make shopping for your kids a little bit easier!

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