Five Questions To Get the Right Gaming Chair

Bean bag chairs are some of the best chairs for gamers. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to buy one of these chairs in a retail store. Most of them can only be bought online, and this means you’re buying something without having a chance to look at it first. With that in mind, here are some tips to finding gamer bean bag chairs that’ll be perfect for you. It all comes down to asking the right questions so that you can find a cool bean bag chair that will support you, look good in your space, and last as long as you need it to. Here are the questions you need to be asking:

  1. What are your gamer bean bag chairs filled with? Traditionally, the bean bag chair has been filled with polystyrene beads. These beads made the chairs really light. Since they were easy to move around, people loved this type of comfy bean bag chair and the beads continue to be popular. However, you should know that over time these beads will break down. When they do, you’ll have to have your chair refilled, which can be expensive and inconvenient.

    Your other option is polyurethane foam. The foam chairs are not quite as light as the beach chairs, so this will make it a bit less convenient to move your gamer bean bag chair around. However, it also will not break down and you’ll never have to have your nice bean bag chair refilled. Whichever filling you choose, be sure to look for eco-friendly fill. If you don’t, you may get stuck with the chair that off-gases for weeks and releases dangerous carcinogens into your air.

  2. Is the cover removable and washable? No matter how hard we try, we are going to drop stuff on our gamer bean bag chairs. Even if you start out with the best of intentions to never eat or drink while using your chair, chances are those intentions will go out the window once you get involved in a game and find yourself getting hungry. This means you might want a removable cover.

    Making sure the cover is removable isn’t all you need to know, though. It’s also important that the cover be washable. The last thing you want is to wash the thing and then have it shrink so you can never get it back on. That’s just throwing your money away.

  3. What kind of warranty does it have? It’s important to ask about the warranty that comes with the companies gamer bean bag chairs. Some chairs for sale have no warranty at all. Some have warranties that only last for 30 days. In this sense, you are going to get what you pay for and if you buy a chair that is too cheap, you should not expect the warranty of more than 30 days to six months.

    Ultimately, though, this strategy probably will not save you money. Your big bean bag chair will have issues and you’ll have to replace it long before you want to. By the time you pay for three cheap gamer bean bag chairs in three years, you’ll be wishing you had ponied up for that nicer chair with the three-year or five-year warranty.

  4. Is it big enough for me? Some companies will only give you the circumference of the chair. That’s not really going to help you as you try to figure out how well you will fit in it, how it will fit in your space, and whether it will be appropriate for gaming. Call the company and ask about the height, width, and length of the chair you’re interested in. Just remember that the bigger you are, the more support you will need.
  5. Is it comfortable? If you’re going to be spending many hours in your chair, it had better be comfortable. Look for chairs that have a naturally upright position that will help hold you sitting up. This offers a more ergonomic experience for gaming.

These are just a few of the questions you should ask if you are planning on buying a gaming chair. Ask the right questions, and you’ll get the chair you want.

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