Doctors Orders How to Get the Most Out of Effective Treatment From Urgent Care Centers

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Family urgent care centers can be a lifesaver in terms of being a more affordable alternative than a trip to the emergency room. Not only are emergency services extremely expensive in comparison to urgent care clinics, but they’re not always necessary in order to receive effective treatment. This is especially true for minor to moderate ailments such as upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, joint and muscle strains or sprains, and even other non-life threatening conditions.

Urgent care centers are more than equipped to provide effective treatment for conditions such as itchy eyes due to allergies, minor lacerations, flu treatment, fever, and all kinds of other minor illnesses. However the care shouldn’t and doesn’t stop there. In order to get the most out of the effective treatment you receive at an urgent care center, it’s important to do the following:

Take all your prescribed medication as instructed

This is especially important if you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic for an infection! Even if you begin to feel better and your symptoms dramatically improve after a few dose of antibiotic medication, it’s important to continue taking it until you complete the entire course. Infections can be stubborn and are likely to return with a vengeance if the entire course of antibiotics aren’t taken. It’s also important to take any other medications only as prescribed, including topical ointments, pain medication, or steroids for example. One of the most effective treatments is to simply follow the doctor’s orders!

Follow up with your primary care provider

The party isn’t over after you leave your urgent care center! In order to maximize the effective treatment you received, it’s important to follow up with your primary care provider in order to keep them in the loop. Primary care providers are more concerned with your overall, long term health and well being, whereas urgent care centers are best for treating acute, short term conditions. Your primary care provider may notice a pattern in your health and can develop an effective long term treatment plan. For example if you have frequent upper respiratory infections and seek treatment at an urgent care center, a follow up with appointment with primary care provider can help to identify the underlying cause for the frequency.

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