DIY Landscaping for Beginners


When thinking about redoing your landscaping, hiring a landscaping company might be your first thought. But you might want to think about doing it yourself! This can be significantly cheaper and you?ll be sure to get exactly what you want. It can be easy as long as you know where to start.

Start With the Hardscaping

Any construction work that needs to be done, including walkways, driveways, decks, or fencing, could potentially cause damage to anything you?ve planted. So start with the big stuff before planting anything to avoid ruining all of your hard work.

Plants and Trees
Plants should compliment the area around it, so keep in mind the size of the plant when thinking about your landscaping. Don?t have a tall bush in front of a window and don?t have a tiny little shrub standing alone against a long wall. Having huge trees in a small yard will not only take up valuable space, but will also look unattractive.

Consider the type of soil your yard has as well as how much sunlight or rain certain areas get. You need to know this information in order to pick out plants that will thrive – certain plants do well in sunny areas, other ones do not. Check with local garden centers or nurseries to make sure you’re getting the right plants for your yard.

When it comes to trees, think big. Tall trees can bring height and dimension to your yard. It not only brings aesthetic but can even keep your house cooler, depending on where they?re placed, by providing shade.

Don?t be afraid of color! Planting flowers in your garden in the front of your house will add a nice pop of color to the otherwise green area. You can also mix up sizes, shapes, and composition of the flowers and plants.

Add Some Personality
Fountains and statues can also bring a creative touch to your yard. While most people decorate the insides of their homes, they often forget about the outside. This can be a great way to express yourself and show everyone what your personal style is like.

When thinking about your landscape design, you might want to consider turning your backyard into an outdoor living area. Fireplaces, grills, and patio furniture can turn your backyard into a place where family and guests can enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of indoor aspects.

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