Taking Your Child To Urgent Care

Patients who are familiar with express care vs urgent care will make more informed decisions in advance. The people who go to an ER facility when it’s unnecessary might end up spending more money than they would otherwise. Patients might be under the impression that emergency rooms are open more consistently than urgent care facilities, … [Read more…]

How Urgent Care Treats Injury And Illness

In 2009, fewer medical school seniors selected Family Medicine as their specialty than in 2008. There are plenty of reasons to point to as a reason for this statistic but one stands out amongst the pack. The number one reason deals with the rise of urgent facilities as they dominate emergency centers. This is because … [Read more…]

Many Reasons to go to an Emergency Room

There are always reasons to go to the emergency room. Maybe you’ve been dealing with stomach pain for quite a few days now, or have experienced difficulty breathing and fever. Maybe you are in need of flu treatment because you have had the fever and vomiting for several days, and aren’t sure where to turn … [Read more…]