Bring Your Measuring Tape Tips For Furnishing a Home

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Everyone loves a well-furnished room, even when it is not in a style they like. This is because when done correctly, interior decorating makes a home more comforting, and more convenient to live in. A badly furnished room is awkward. The flow is wrong. The furniture is ugly, or too big for the space, or difficult to keep clean. Do you need tips for furnishing a home? Below are a few tips for furnishing a home, made easy.

Cohesion is the Difference Between Lovely and Messy.

The difference between a living room styled for a magazine and the average family’s living room is not just the price of its contents. An interior decorator understands proportions, flow, color, and lighting. Each element blends with the others so as to create a space that is beautiful, with no element looking out of place. That is the real key to a well-decorated room: no piece should overshadow the others.

Make the Furniture Fit the Room to Maintain Flow.

As it is in clothes, so it is in furniture: fit is king. A sofa that is too large for a room looks awkward, as does a dresser that is too tall in a bedroom. Furniture stores know this, and so the room models they set out account for size. This does not necessarily mean you must buy a whole new set for a room to look nice. It does mean that when purchasing a new piece of furniture, you take a hard look at the height and width of the furniture you already own.

Perhaps even more importantly, you will need to take down the dimensions of the room before going furniture shopping. A sofa may look great in the show room, but can turn out to be too large once it is brought home. Measure first, then go shopping.

Colors Can Brighten a Room or Make It a Muddled Mess.

The standard tips for furnishing a home include choosing a few neutral colors, and maybe one or two colors that “pop.” A contrast color can make a room look inviting, but to choose a contrast color it is necessary to take a look at color wheel. This will show colors that complement each other, because they are on opposite sides of the wheel. An example is grey and a sunny yellow. The grey is brightened by such a bright color.

Keep in mind though, that the contrasting color is meant to be in small doses. A grey couch with a yellow throw pillow looks smart; a yellow couch with a grey pillow is, kindly put, adventurous. The bright side to this technique is that the small accessories that brighten a room can be switched out for another color to freshen things up. In that same room, the yellow could be switched out with purple or teal for a different look.

Easy Tips for Furnishing a Home: Takeaways.

There are some ideas for furnishing a home that require further advice. Meaning, before committing to some styles, it is better to know what is required to maintain that look. Examples include: consistently spot-treating a white sofa; keeping leather furniture away from heat sources; or cleaning smudges from a shiny piece of furniture each and every day.

Interior decorating is a skill that comes naturally to very few people. The rest will consult home decorating magazines and online sites for inspiration. But just looking at pictures of gorgeous rooms cannot transform a drab room into an elegant one. It takes consideration, an eye for color, and of course a measuring tape.

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