Benefits of Amish Furniture

The Amish lifestyle has been subject to debate for many years now but perhaps what stands out among the many characteristics of the Amish people is their furniture. It is worth noting that Amish furniture is 100%handcrafted. At this time of age, it would be expected that people would rely on the various tools available to make things like furniture. Handcrafted items take time to complete which is why it is not possible to mass-produce Amish furniture. This could explain why this type of furniture is pricey. Handcrafting however is not the only benefit of Amish furniture. Below are some of the main benefits of Amish furniture that makes this type of furniture so popular.

A Timeless Look
There is that unique look that Amish furniture has that cannot be replicated in mass production. If this was possible, people would have done it already. While conventional furniture is mass produced to satisfy monetary trends, Amish furniture tends to follow certain design dictum. This is the same with structures such as amish barns and other amish buildings. The exclusivity of certain pieces of furniture and structures has led to the customization of Amish products. It is possible to have custom amish built garages in your home if you are the type of person who likes experimenting with designs. It is worth noting that Amish craftsmen tend to mix different designs in the different type of furniture that they make such that every piece is unique from the other. Most of the furniture is either made from oak, walnut, hickory, cherry or maple.

Unquestionable Quality
Quality is any type of furniture is a key factor as it determines the life of that piece of furniture. Modern wooden furniture contains veneers. However, you can expect that Amish furniture is made from solid wood specifically chosen for that specific piece of furniture being made. This might explain why other structures such as custom amish built garages, amish built barns and amish sheds last for decades if not generations. The best thing about handcrafted items is that each piece is designed at its own pace and quality depending on the use. Over the years, Amish craftsmen have built a name for themselves for what is termed as meticulous craftsmanship. The craftsmen often analyze each piece of furniture and reviews cut and joints while looking for possible weak points. This is unlike factory furniture that often overlooks the issue of possible breakages due to structural weaknesses.

Environmental Friendliness
When you look at the environmental friendliness of Amish furniture, look at it from the perspective of production. For starters, amish furniture is durable and will last for decades which implies that it does not need constant replacement. This is a sharp contrast from factory-made furniture that will only last a few years before needing replacement. The same applies for other Amish structures such as custom amish built garages. Modern furniture contains toxic substances such as formaldehyde, synthetic bonding materials and adhesives. All these are pollutants since some of them contain VOCs that vaporize at room temperature. Amish furniture on the other hand is purely made from wood and the only addition to the piece of furniture is low VOC varnish. The wood is actually dried and stabilized before construction to make it last longer.

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