Are Your Parents Getting Older? What You Should Know About Assisted Living Communities

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As your parents get older, you may find yourself discussing what comes next. Perhaps they now find themselves in a home that is bigger than they really need. Maybe they are starting to have some health concerns that require more attention than they are able to care for on their own.

Of course you want to see that your parents or loved ones get the best possible care and help available. You may be asking yourself if you are prepared to care for them yourself, or if there are other available options.

Have you considered assisted living facilities as a possible choice? Many have found this to be the right course for themselves and their family.

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?

The next question that your family needs to discuss is, what is an assisted living facility and will that be the right fit for you?

Assisted living for seniors provides long-term housing and daily care. Some facilities are equipped with medical staff that can help with anything from high blood pressure to Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of the most common services found at an assisted living facility are:

    Medication management

    Round the clock supervision and security






    Health and exercise regimens

    Social activities


What Is Right For You?

Many seniors have found that assisted living facilities are the home that they need and want. One survey states that currently, approximately one million Americans live in a senior assisted living community. It is expected that number will at least double by the year 2030.

According to one poll of 57,900 respondents living in various senior living communities across the United States, close to 90 percent of assisted living residents rate their overall satisfaction as good or excellent. Most of those polled also said they would happily recommend their community to someone else.

Each family, individual, and situation are unique and require individualized consideration. However, one poll showed that over half of the seniors surveyed were concerned about becoming a burden on their family in the event of a long-term illness. Does your loved one feel the same way?

If that is the case, you may find that assisted living facility is the best fit for everyone concerned. This will give you the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands 24-7, even while you are at work and caring for other necessary activities. This will allow the time you are able to spend with them to be solely quality time, talking or sharing in activities that you both enjoy.

If you have ever asked the question ?what is an assisted living facility?, or ?is it a right fit for my family?? Why not do some research into the senior communities in your area today?

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