Alcoholism, Tobacco Cravings And Drug Addiction How Ibogaine Treatment Therapy Can Help You

Cocaine addiction treatment

Do you suffer from an addiction? You’re far from alone. Addiction is one of the most common problems facing modern Americans today, leading to a wealth of different therapy and pain treatments cropping up in the medical industry. From cocaine addiction to alcoholism, there are a variety of treatment programs designed from the ground up to tackle the problem at the root and get individuals from all backgrounds back to their everyday life. Not everyone has the time to attend multiple meetings over the course of six months to a year, however, and require an effective and time-saving treatment in light of a continued career or social life. If you haven’t heard of an ibogaine clinic, you may want to keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary treatment method and how it can help you.


One of the most common forms of addiction in the United States is alcoholism. Studies have shown an estimated 130 million individuals in the country drinking alcohol on a regular basis, with nearly three million people with addiction having a dependence on both alcohol and drugs. Psychologists have determined much of the mainstream culture around alcohol can contribute to addiction, though it is by no means the only factor. Mental illness is a common element in determining a dependency on alcohol or an opiate addiction, with nearly seven million people with an addiction suffering from at least one form of mental illness.


A study showed over 90% of those with an addiction began smoking, drinking or using drugs before the age of 18. Due to the readily available nature and mainstream acceptance of alcohol, cocaine lags behind as one of the less common addictions. Even so, it’s a highly debilitating substance that takes professional treatment to cure and is widely seen as a recreational drug, much like weed.


Originally synthesized from ephedrine in the early 1900’s, methamphetamine was widely prescribed throughout the country in the mid 1900’s as a weight-loss aid. Now replaced with more organic supplements and treatment options, it has become one of the most highly trafficked illegal substances both stateside and worldwide. It is easily considered one of the most addictive illegal substances in the country and sees millions of people developing an addiction after just a few uses. Withdrawal symptoms can be highly severe, relying on intensive treatment methods to reverse.


Lastly, we have tobacco in all its different forms. Much like alcohol, tobacco is one of the easier substances to become addicted to and can be very difficult to separate from. This substance, whether in cigarettes or chewable form, can put an individual at severe risk for several diseases. These include, but are not limited to, lung disease, heart disease and heart failure. If tobacco or opiate addiction is something you suffer from, an ibogaine treatment program may be the cure you’re looking for.

Ibogaine Treatment Therapy

Many want to curb their addictive symptoms and gain control over their life again without struggling through time-consuming treatment therapies. Ibogaine treatment is widely considered by medical professionals to be one of the most effective ways of tackling the addiction at its source, reducing dependency by a significant margin and doing so in record time. Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, for example, will eliminate as much as 98% of opiate withdrawl symptoms alongside PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome). Whether it’s cravings for stimulants or alcohol, ibogaine detox will help you put your life back into your own hands.
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