Advantages of Purchasing a Home in a Classic Community

Desirable location

As a home buyer, you have many housing opportunities. You can choose from a traditional residential property, apartment living, condominiums, or even duplex living. Each of these types of properties has advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps one of the increasing housing trends is that of classic community living. Classic community living mixes a lot of the traditional styles of living. It encompasses the feeling of community within apartment living, but the privacy of residential living. Consider the advantages of classic communities and why it might be the best living situation for you.

Classic community feeling

Many classic communities are built in ideal locations. They are usually set up as multiple households within a community. Sometimes this community is protected by a gate, other times, it is not. The type of living feeling that you get with classic communities is the small town feel. The neighbors often get to know one another and the children play together. The classic community provides much of the same neighbor closeness as apartments do. The benefit however, is that you have more land, your own walls and ceilings, and you the community can be located anywhere. You can have the small town feel of a classic community, located directly in the middle of a metropolitan city.

Safer living

Classic communities tend to be safer for a number of reasons. To begin with, many classic communities are protected with gated access. If you do not live in the community or do not have direct access, you are unable to enter. This improves security of the neighborhood and allows residents to let their children run and play freely. Safety is an important feature to many home buyers today. There was only a median of 14 miles between the homes that recent buyers purchased and the homes that they moved from. These numbers show that home buyers are looking for a new residence based on things like security and home size, rather than location.

Newer homes

Because classic communities are a newer trend, the majority of homes were built within the last couple of decades. When you have new homes, you tend to have fewer housing problems. Most recent buyers who purchased new homes were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity at 34%. Buyers who purchased previously owned homes were most often considering a better price at 32%. For buyers interested in moving into homes for sale that are move in ready and with minimal risk, classic communities are a great option. Additionally, these homes tend to hold their value very well in the housing market.

Low maintenance living

One of the most appreciated advantages of apartment living is the low maintenance living style. Apartment residents do not have to deal with lawn or garden maintenance. When it snows, they do not have to remove snow from the parking lots or driveways. Many classic communities have yard and lawn services, giving residents the low maintenance living style they prefer. The classic community is the perfect option for those that want more of their own outdoor space, without the large amounts of work that often comes with it.

If routine yard care is important in your buying decision, ensure that this is a listed feature of the house. Among buyers who used the Internet during their home search, 87% of buyers found photos and 84% found detailed information about properties for sale very useful. You can usually obtain information, such as amount of maintenance needed in the property listing.

The housing market is booming and many people are currently involved in either the buying or selling process. Home buyers today have numerous residential options. You can purchase the traditional residential home. You can also choose to live in an apartment complex. Classic community living seems to be on the rise, giving home buyers the best of both living worlds. You can have the security, privacy, and low maintenance living that you desire, with the traditional feeling of a residential property.

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