A Look At The Process Of Home Redecoration In The United States

The furniture industry, from log cabin style bunk beds to hickory chandeliers and the like, has long been a successful industry in the United States and even far beyond it. After all, the furniture and home decor that we choose is one way that people choose to express themselves. In fact, many people will even take the furniture and home decor of a home or residence into consideration when forming a first impression of a family or an individual person. The furniture and decor of a space has become so important that the average person who is living in the United States is even willing to spend as much as two thousand and two hundred dollars on redecorating their living rooms alone, let alone the rest of their house or other such home. When we look at it through the generations, we find that while Baby Boomers will be the most willing to spend the most money on home decoration or redecoration, Generation X and Millennials closely follow – each generation willing to spend more than one thousand and five hundred dollars (sometimes considerably more, depending on the generation) on their home decoration or redecoration projects.

All of this accounts for the runaway success of the furniture industry as well as the industry of home decor in the United States. In just the two years between 2012 and 2014, for example, millennials alone rose the overall revenue generated by the furniture industry from just over eleven billion dollars to more than twenty five billion dollars, a more than ten billion dollar increase in just the span of two short years. In fact, the revenue that the furniture industry generates grows by at least six to seven percent each and every year, meaning that outperforms the general economy by a considerably large margin.

So if you are one such person who is looking to redecorate their home and living space, there are number of things that first must be taken into account before the process of redecorating can truly begin. First, of course, you must pick which room you will focus on, as this will influence your furniture choices as well as your decor choices. Log cabin style bunk beds, for instance, are perfect for a bedroom shared by two children but log cabin style bunk beds might not be the best choice of bed for a master bedroom. The theme with which you are decorating will also influences your purchasing choices. Log cabin style bunk beds, along with a natural cedar rocker, moose antler furniture, and native american bedding sets will also lend themselves nicely to a more rustic and cozy theme, as will a rustic armoire wardrobe, reclaimed barnwood hutch, and even rustic bar stools (though these will likely not be located in the bedroom).

Next, whether you are buying log cabin style bunk beds or other such log furniture, you must consider the quality of what you are buying and how long you intend to keep it and to use it for. Buying a sofa is one of the most common purchases when it comes to redecorating a living room space, and more than ninety percent of those looking to buy a sofa or couch said that they were primarily looking for quality as well as durability. While more than thirty five percent intend on keeping their sofas for at least nine years, some (nearly thirty percent, twenty eight percent to be exact) plan to keep their sofa for more than fifteen years and are therefore very much focused on the quality of the sofa that they choose as a result. And if you invest in wood furniture such as log cabin style bunk beds, it is likely that you expect it, as well as any wall decor that you purchase, to last for fifteen years at a minimum – and many people expect their wood furniture to last for even longer.

Buying furniture and beginning to redecorate is certainly an exciting process. However, it is important to take into consideration what you are looking for, what your needs are, as well as what your budget is.

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