6 Ideas for Landscaping

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Landscaping is essential to the value of a home. About 85 million of our households have their own private lawns, and nearly 90% of homeowners are going to be told by their real estate agents to invest in landscaping before trying to sell. In fact, 97% of real estate agents say that landscape design is one of the top five home improvement projects you can do, with a 215% return on investment. If you want to really add value with landscaping ideas, a combination of the right hardscapes and softscapes is what you need.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscapes are the solid parts of your yard, like patio/walk ways, walls, or even driveways. This is in contrast to softscapes that are the natural things like flowers and plants. Both are important, but they should be used together to complement one another.

What Should I Think About First?

While you might have great hardscapes ideas, before you start anything it’s important to think about the entirety of your landscape. Think big picture: how will one project affect everything else? Then, you need to think proactively about where water will go. Hardscapes need to drain water away, not pool it under the house or plants.

Research Before Your Start

Never forget that a hardscape is very difficult to move once you’ve put it down. It’ll also be expensive to repair and replace if the materials used were of poor quality. This is also a good time to research local landscapers, as well, to find a professional who can help you make the best use of the space and plan for difficulties you might not have anticipated.

Think Natural

One of the ways that hardscape can detract from softscaping and the look of the whole yard is by being too straight or linear. Nature is all about curves and natural lines.

Choose Materials that Reflect Your Style

There are a lot of elements you can choose from. There are many types of stone and rock, wood, marble, brick, and other choices as well. Don’t make it too busy by using more than two textures, and remember that everything you choose needs to complement your existing structures, whatever they are.

Don’t Forget the Grass

Unless you live in an area where the heat and lack of water dictate you have very few plants, don’t put down hardscapes that cause you to lose all sense of the natural in your space. Even if you just have room for a small bit of lawn, this will add aesthetics and also help keep things cooler.

Be sure to hire a professional landscaping service to ensure you’re doing everything right and avoid any problems down the road. Then your landscaping will reflect your style and add real value to your home.

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