5 Tips for Turning Your Yard Into a Wedding Fairytale

Weddings can be expensive. In 2012, the average wedding reception cost more than $13,000. You can host a great wedding and reception where everyone has a great time but does not break the bank. If you or someone in your family has a yard, consider hosting the wedding there. You can get a wedding tent rental that will transform your lawn into a wedding dreamland. You can find great companies to rent everything from the tent and furniture to the linens and other decorations.

5 Tips for Turning Your Yard Into a Wedding Fairytale:

  1. Customize your wedding reception. One of the best parts of hosting a wedding reception on your own property is that you are free to customize it a lot more than when you are at an external venue. Some spaces require people who hold events there to use a certain caterer or DJ. You can have exactly the kind of food, music and whatever else that you want.  Put really personal things up like photos from your relationship. You may not want to bring a ton of these things to a reception hall but if you have it in a family member’s yard, it can be easier to include personal touches to showcase your life and your tastes.
  2. Plan and prepare your dream wedding reception. You will need some more time to have the event in your yard but you can have a lot of fun with a reception at home. Pick a theme. Maybe you like Downton Abbey or Gone with the Wind, consider a reception with a theme that matches your tastes. Talk to your landscaper about how to do the lawn in that theme. Give yourself at least eight weeks to prepare the lawn. When you pick your wedding tent rental, think about your theme. Get flowers, linens, centerpieces and catering to compliment your theme. This is supposed to be a fun event after all.
  3. Make your wedding tent rental your palace. The tent is the most important part of the wedding reception when it is outside. Sure, you want that kind of thing if the weather should turn sour but it also keeps everything a little contained. It will also give you a lot of great decorating options. You can include great lighting, outdoor dance floor rentals, chair rentals and anything else that you might expect to have in a reception hall. They do give you more privacy than you might have if your backyard party really, what wedding reception is complete without some dancing?
  4. Go to town with your lighting. This is one of the most fun aspects of a lawn wedding reception. Keep your lighting in the theme of the reception but be creative. Maybe your wedding reception has a Chinese New Year theme, get paper lanterns! Strings of white Christmas lights add elegance to any yard and a sense of whimsy to a wedding reception. Your wedding tent rental can be transformed into another time and place with the right lighting.
  5. Consider some games. Depending on your theme, think about putting some games like croquet, badminton or lawn bag games up. These can be fun ways to occupy your guests while the wedding party is taking photos or just all night.

Having your wedding reception at your home or a family member’s home can provide you with a lot of options to save money but also have something really special. You can have a lot more flexibility with the kinds of food and decorations you have. You do not need to use a particular caterer or go with a deejay that you do not like. Maybe you want a wedding reception with your iTunes and some karaoke. This is your wedding reception and when you have it in your back yard, it can really reflect your personality, lifestyle and tastes.

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