5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

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Finding everything for a complete event rental can be daunting. There is so much to do when you are planning or hosting an event, be it street festivals or a wedding or a major birthday party. One can become quite overwhelmed trying to remember to rent linens and call the caterers and arrange the flowers. Well, here are some ways to plan a complete event rental and give someone their dream wedding, birthday or various other event.

It’s all in the planning
If you plan properly before hand then there will be less surprises on the day. Careful planning makes all the difference. You have to make sure that you are within budget, adhering to the timeline and that all of your helpers are on the same page. During the planning stages, you should write down all of your ideas and talk to those that have hired you to find out what their vision is compared to what you see happening. If their vision is completely different then you may have to change some of your ideas. That can be disappointing but it is, however, their event after all.

Follow your lists
During the planning stage, you should make various lists. You should have a list of necessary items to buy, rent and borrow. You should have a to do list for everyone that is helping you and you should have a list of guests. Without these lists, you are destined for disorganization and missing something important. Lists will save your life in the event planning business one day. It’s also a great way to keep track of the type of parties that you have done so that you can show your organization to your next client. Your lists can serve as a sort of ‘before’ picture and then you can show them actual pictures of the event to prove that your system works.

Hire enough help
Having enough help makes all the difference. You can’t do everything yourself so make sure that there is enough money in the budget to hire some help. This could be anything from people to take down and set up tables and shares, someone to arrange flowers, be in charge of the music, DJ and dance floor as well as many other jobs. There is a lot that needs to be done before, during and after an event so don’t forget about any part of it.

Invest in walkie-talkies
It’s a good idea to have inconspicuous ear pieces that allow to effectively communicate with your staff or helpers. Trying to make sure that people answer cell phones when you need them is impossible, especially if they have their hands full and are busy. Constantly having an ear piece in not only makes everyone available to you when necessary but it keeps everyone on the same page. They will know when something has been addressed and when it hasn’t in order to make sure that jobs aren’t overlapping and others not getting done at all.

Clear everything with your clients
Your clients should not be shocked when they step inside on the day of the event. They should know exactly what to expect and if anything, their expectations should be exceeded, not undermined. Every major idea should be cleared with them before it is implemented into the plan. Sit down with them during the planning stages and find out how much of this is going to be their ideas and how much of it is going to be left to you to decide.

If you follow these five tips closely, you will find that your complete event rental will go so smoothly and you will barely have any hiccups. However, if something does happen, because everything else is taken care of, you will be free to deal with whatever issue arises without allowing other things to go to pot while you tend to this one. Remember, are the event planner, you are not there to have fun. Your job is to rush around and make sure everything is just so in order to ensure that the guests and the guests of honor are enjoying themselves. That is what really matters. If you want to enjoy yourself at a party, hire someone else to take care of your complete event rentals.

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