What You Should Know About Drain Cleaning

The video starts with Mark from The Home Depot Rental Centre, giving a disclaimer. The video only gives a general overview of safety procedures and operating guidelines for general pipe cleaners and super vee drain cleaners. To identify the appropriate drain cleaner for your drain, you first need to establish the location of the problem. … [Read more…]

Signs You Need a New Roof

Video Source Many homeowners face roofing issues every year. It’s an important part of any home and if it starts to fail, you want to get a new roof as soon as possible. This video will show you how to catch early signs that you need a roof replacement so you can save money on … [Read more…]

Get Rid of Fleas With These Tips

Fleas are one of the worst problems a pet owner can have, but a simple flea treatment should get rid of your problems. Solutions Pest and Lawn uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “How to Get Rid of Fleas Guaranteed (4 Easy Steps),” where they describe what to do to get rid of … [Read more…]

What Renovations Add Value to Your Home?

Whether you are thinking about selling your home or just want to add value, there are many renovations you can do. Keep reading to learn the best renovations to add value to your home. The first renovation is adding loose-fill attic insulation. This renovation allows you to recoup the entire cost in added value to … [Read more…]

Why You Need Hurricane Shutters

For those of us in the south, we know how devasting hurricanes can be. This is why having the proper protection in your home is so important. Keep reading to learn why you need hurricane shutters on your home. Hurricanes are very unpredictable. Sometimes we know a few days before they come, but sometimes not. … [Read more…]

How to Paint a Reading Room

Are you thinking of making a reading room, library, or study in your home. They are great places to relax and read a good book. Plus, a dedicated reading room gives you a place to store and organize all those old books that you have. These rooms generally have soft tones. Many are full of … [Read more…]

Signs You Need an Appliance Service

Just like your car needs maintenance, so do your appliances. It can be tricky to know when you need to hire an appliance service for repairs, so keep reading to learn the top signs yu can look for that might mean you need a refrigerator repair. The first sign you need an appliance service to … [Read more…]